"And every day there were what we called 'the Green Hills'; that is, the low line of Castlereagh Hills which we saw from the nursery windows. They were not very far off but they were, to children, quite unattainable. They taught me longing--Sehnsucht; made me for good or ill, and before I was six years old, a votary of the Blue Flower." --C. S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy

The Blue Flower (German: Blaue Blume) is a central symbol of Inspiration. It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable. German author Novalis first used the symbol in his unfinished Bildungsroman, entitled Heinrich von Ofterdingen. After contemplating a meeting with a stranger, the young Heinrich von Ofterdingen dreams about blue flowers which call to him and absorb his attention. In some cultures, blue roses traditionally signify a mystery, or attaining the impossible, or the neverending quest for the impossible. They are believed to be able to grant the owner youth or grant wishes.

Delphinidin is an anthocyanidin, a primary plant pigment, and also an antioxidant. Delphinidin gives blue hues to flowers like violas and delphiniums. It also gives the blue-red color of the grape that produces Cabernet Sauvignon, and can be found in cranberries and Concord grapes as well as pomegranates. --Wikipedia


Say No to Saying No to Cultural Appropriation


My more “aware,” Leftist friends are circulating another one of those facebook memes with a photo of Dita von Teese in a ridiculous outfit. their caption:

"White woman Dita von Teese wears a sari and South Asian jewelry despite the fact that she has no other connection to South Asia…"

You know…

Text #2


Just got another text from Ruby asking us politely to keep down the noise. I actually don’t know what noise she’s referring to…

12-year-old girl: He's allergic to shellfish.

10-year-old brother: We don't know that for sure! It might be the medication!

Me: He still holds out hope.

10-year-old: Yes. And if it IS an allergy, I’m going to hunt down and kill everybody who CAN eat shellfish. I’ll become an assassin, and I will be called Dark Thunder.


"what are you going to do with a degree in english?" /offended by your tone, pablo neruda descends from the heavens/ /with a few lines of poetry, he seduces your girlfriend/ /then there is a flash of light and the strumming of a thousand acoustic guitars/ /pablo is gone/

My goal is to be everyone’s unattainable dream.

"Why are you still single?" (via why-are-you-still-single)




We’re all writing secret novels, right? One of my favorite colleagues actually finished his, and it’s a charming comedic mystery featuring a smartly dressed grad student heroine named Emma Clarke.

And it’s up on Amazon here: The Great Banana Peel Mogul (how can you resist that title?)…

reblogging again. possibly my favorite post on the internet.